Why I Became a Bowen Practitioner

Around a decade ago, I experienced a fall while ascending a set of slippery stairs.  The bruise remained with me for many months and a portion of my left upper glute went numb.  As a result of the lingering pain, I was unable to run.

I visited a physical therapist, who informed me that it was unlikely I would be able to return to my previous running level.  My naturopathic physician who also happened to be a licensed Bowen Practitioner suggested I try the technique and, despite being skeptical, I eventually did.

After just two sessions, I was confident enough to start running again.  After four sessions, I was completely pain-free and had some sensation back in my glute.  I was captivated and as a scientist, I needed to observe its effects on a larger scale.

I attended an introductory class and began to give mini-sessions to anyone who was willing to try.  Each person experienced something different.  Some were able to breathe more easily; others found relief in their lower back; and so on.

Intrigued, I decided to pursue the practice further, taking courses to become more knowledgeable in the technique.  Eventually I had to leave my job as a Medical Technologist in the hospital when I established my own business, where I now work full time as a certified Bowen Practitioner with the utmost qualifications received from the American Bowen Academy.

Every day, I am still delighted to see those who find relief from their ailments, just as I was when I first stumbled upon the practice.  My story serves as an example of how a curious interest can change your life and also stresses the importance of keeping an open mind to new ideas and experiences which can provide unexpected benefits to your wellbeing.