Why I became a Bowen Practitioner

About 10 years ago I fell running up a flight of icy stairs. The bruise alone lasted months and I lost feeling and experienced muscle paralysis in part of my left upper glute. I was unable to run due to the residual pain in my hip. I went to PT for a time where I was told that the possibility of getting back to the amount of running I had done previously was unlikely.

My naturopathic physician is also a Bowen Practitioner and although I was skeptical, I eventually tried it. Within 2 sessions, I was able to run with little pain and after 4 sessions I was pain free and even had regained some feeling back into my glute.  I became fascinated with it. Being a scientist I could not really form a solid judgment until I saw what it could do on a more global scale. I took an introduction class and learned enough to do mini sessions on anyone I could get my hands on. They all, not only felt a response, but each felt something different. One could breathe easier, another felt relief in their lower back, while another felt a release in their neck. Baffled, I decided to start down the road slowly, taking the modules to become more knowledgeable of this practice.  

Eventually, I had to resign from my work as a Medical Technologist in the hospital after I opened my own business, where I now work full time. I’m getting busier by the week, and still every day I am delighted to see people find relief from their conditions and show the same bafflement at the process as I did long ago.

My story is not only a testament to how a curious passion can alter your course in life; it also shows that keeping your mind open to new thoughts and experiences can benefit your wellbeing in ways you hadn’t thought possible…