Nat O
My Dr. recommended The Bowen Method after an injury that casued lingering back and neck pain. I felt tremendous relief from pain immediately after the first session. I knew I was holding tension around the injured areas of my body but I was surprised by how much; the level of relief I felt from pain and tension after a Bowen Method session was amazing. Based on my personal experience, I recommend The Bowen Method for anyone seeking lasting relief from pain.
Melissa Harmon
Emily is great. My back and plantar fasciitis is much better. Highly recommend!!
Laurie Tedeschi
I struggle with chronic muscle, back, neck and shoulder issues and had tried a variety of treatments seeking relief. A friend recommended Emily at The Bowen Method. She noticed a big difference after her first treatment so I made an appointment for myself and I am so very glad I did. I felt immediate relief after each treatment, and by following the after care instructions (to drink water and take small walks) the benefits only increased over the next several days . Never had I experienced this type of result. It’s the first time I woke up without pain in 20+ years. Dealing with chronic fibromyalgia, is no fun, but, I have worked up to being able to go 3 weeks without a treatment. That is a huge win for me. I am so please with my results and would recommend anyone that experiences any type of muscle issues, or is looking for overall good health, to make an appointment and so you can feel the difference.
Emily is highly skilled and knowledgable in the human body and how fascia plays a role in our structure and movement patterns. My first treatment was in May 2023 for a chronic hamstring pain and after 3 treatments I was walking and hiking pain free. I continue to see Emily periodically for other issues. I am able to strength train and walk with no pain and I'm grateful.
Nancy Alves
Emily has helped me a great deal. She is very informative and explains everything that she is doing. Thank you Emily!
Emily has helped me with many issues, she helped subside my period cramps, toe pain from a fall knee pain, hip discomfort, inflammation, headaches, neck pain and concussion symptoms. I am so happy to have found her. Her method has been life changing for me.
Kerry LePage
I saw Emily in the Fall 2023 after having a year of pain due to rotator cuff injury and arthritis in my knee. After 4 visits all of the pain had resolved. Emily is amazing at using the Bowen Method and I have been recommending her services to everyone!
Deborah Sylvia
The Bowen Method has changed my life and allowed me to do more without pain and discomfort. Emily explains the process and informs how everything will work after each treatment. Far greater results here than orthopedic or chiropractic visits. Thank you, Emily, for taking the time to make lives happier and more active.
sketchlist mmm
In the past year I have been going through chemo. There were lots of side effects that were uncomfortable to painful. Emily used Bowen techniques on them and provided a good deal of relief with my issues of body soreness and cramping. In addition, and this surprised me, she addressed digestion issues that were causing pain. Chemo, for me, was a bad experience. And of course I wasn't expecting complete relief, the respites really helped me get through it by minimizing my discomfort.
Judi Sterne
I was told I needed surgery on discs C6 and C7 for a pinched nerve, I was very hesitant. A friend recommended The Bowen Method. I cannot believe how this works. I have barely any numbness or tingling in my arm. No pain and Emily has helped me with issues I have with my back. I can't say enough good things about this treatment. Emily is very thorough and professional. She explains how and why the treatment is done and works. I'm so grateful to have found about this and have avoided surgery. I would recommend anyone to try this before surgery.