The first visit begins with a discussion of the reason for the visit leading to an assessment and leads to a treatment plan.  Depending upon the response to the treatments, the plan of action or duration of the sessions may increase or decrease.

Please wear loose thin clothing.   You can change before the session if that is convenient.

A Bowen session begins with the client lying face down on a massage table, for those who cannot lay down comfortably, a chair is used. The practitioner then performs a short series of gentle moves on specific areas of the body. The sessions consist of short times of manipulation followed by wait periods, both equally important to the effectiveness of the treatment. A client may experience sensations during the wait periods: warmth, cold, tingling, or even soreness.  Talk to the practitioner if you feel anything.

After your first session you may feel tired or fatigued. You should rest and take it easy after your treatment for the rest of the day. Increase your water intake to 2 or 3 glasses a day, and go for easy short walks every hour or so to help with the balancing and integration of the Bowen.

You may notice changes taking place throughout your body 4 to 7 days after your session.  The therapy integrates throughout your body, relaxing, realigning and rebalancing on its own time.  It is important during the first 4 or 5 days between your treatments to pay careful attention to how your body is feeling.   Your feedback provides important information to help determine which, if any, adjustments to make in your treatment. Because of the time it takes for the integration of the treatments you will be asked to avoid other modalities [massage, acupuncture, etc.] so nothing interferes as your body balances and adjusts.

Sessions may take an hour, depending on the needs of the client.