What Others Have to Say About Emily

Cancer / Chemotherapy

“Emily is such a great listener and fully understands my needs and how to help me!  I’m grateful to have found such a great practitioner that gives me a lot of relief from my day to day pain and dizziness due to my chemo/cancer treatment.  I highly recommend Bowen with Emily!”

Plantar Fasciitis

“I am writing to share with you how you impacted my life with your Bowen therapy treatment. When you first approached me about the Bowen treatment you provided, you said it could help me with my Plantar fasciitis, I was skeptical.  The day you saw me in so much pain I could hardly walk without tears.  You looked in my eyes and said I needed to come and see you that day for a treatment. I saw the compassion and caring in your eyes and I decided to trust you.

When I arrived for my appointment, you explained the process to me and asked me several questions about my pain and problems. You treated the whole person not just a body part.  The session began with gentle précised movements throughout the body. I thought how could this be helping me, but by the end of the session I was pleasantly surprised. I felt so relaxed and at peace.

After the session you explained what to expect the next few days following the treatment. The next day was a little sore but I felt better. I could walk without bringing a tear to my eyes. I only had one treatment and the pain was improving every day. I am so grateful for that day that you cared enough to reach out and help me. I just wanted to share how thankful I am for you and your Bowen Therapy.

Emily, I can’t thank you enough. May God bless you and your business.”

Golfer’s Elbow

I began seeing Emily in July-2018 for golfer’s elbow.  At that point I was unable to open doors, twist caps off bottles and much less swing a golf club without pain.  She was understanding in that I did not want to stop playing golf whilst going through Bowen treatments.  So we both agreed and understood it would be a two steps forward, one step back situation at that point.  She was able to help me enough during the golf season so that I was able to play with less pain.  Towards the end of 2018 (with golf season in the rear view mirror), the treatments really took hold and my elbow became pain-free.  I have continued to see Emily every three weeks and she has been able to help me with myriad issues that have arisen (e.g. lower back pain, tight hamstrings). 

Showing up to my appointment with a different ailment does not phase her as she is able to figure out the best “plan of attack” for that day.  I would recommend Emily to anyone!  She is amazing at what she does with results to back it up and has a steadfast belief in the Bowen treatments she provides.

Arm Numbness

“My name is Tyla and I have suffered from migraines since I was a kid.

After having my 3 amazing kids, my list of pains has grown.  My arms will go completely numb when I sleep and my hands will go numb throughout the day along with constant pain in my right hip and lower back.  The joys of having kids!  When I began talking with Emily about Bowen I was going through testing for an enlarged lymph node, which doctors had been following for 2 years.

My first experience with Bowen was like nothing I ever imagined.  I was more relaxed than I’d been in years, although completely aware of everything going on in my body.  I have been fortunate enough to experience some intense releases during my treatments.  Most of them involving seeing very vibrant colors and feeling an overall sense of calmness.

During my first few weeks of treatments, the numbness in my arms went away completely and stayed away for about 8 months.  I no longer had nightly headaches, and I felt 3 inches taller.  However, my lymph node grew to the size of a golf ball.  I need to add that during this time going along with the Bowen sessions, my treatment from my doctor in Boston consisted of about 4 ultrasounds, 2 mammograms and biopsies.  All of which happened at the beginning, middle and end of my Bowen sessions.  I wan’t receiving any medical procedures or medicines for my lymph nodes.

After about 5 Bowen sessions I was no longer able to feel my golf ball sized lymph node.  I went for yet another ultrasound and my doctor was astounded.  I no longer had an enlarged lymph node.  You can imagine how happy I was.  I had mentions my Bowen sessions to my doctor throughout this whole process – to which she had no idea what I was talking about.

After seeing my last ultrasound she said, ‘Whatever Bowen is keep it up, I’ve never seen anything like this!’  I could not wait to tell Emily!!!” 

Cervical Pain

“I came to Emily with extreme pain in my cervical area as well as many other chronic conditions.

Understand that I had been going to a chiropractor weekly and physical therapy twice a week for months with no relief. I continued with extreme pain, restricted movement, headaches and migraines. It felt like there was no hope of improvement.  A good friend of mine suggested trying Bowen Therapy and told me about Emily. I would try anything at that point.

I met Emily who immediately  put me at ease as she learns why I have come to her for help. Then Emily does her thing as I lie there being still.  It is really cool , I can feel my body respond to her  touches.  After one treatment I had two days pain free.  I have had two more treatments since then and my pain is almost completely gone. I feel better with every treatment.  She also worked on my breathing issues and I could feel the changes instantly.

My body feels stronger, more capable and as an added bonus my mood has improved tremendously.

My  mood is better, my body feels stronger, more energetic, my breathing is better and the pain is just about gone.” 

Congestion and Lung Issues

“Emily has done Bowen technique on me quite a few times. The first time I had severe pneumonia.  She was wonderful, the techniques she performed was aimed at clearing my congestion and opening my lungs. I felt very relaxed and comfortable throughout the entire procedure.   About a day after Bowen I noticed a marked improvement of my symptoms. Although I was not completely cured, I did feel a lot better!!

I would definitely recommend trying Bowen!  After that I have gone to see Emily for some other minor tweaks for different things.

Emily is very skilled and gentle while doing the maneuvers. She is fabulous and I would say that it’s definitely worth trying before having a major procedure ! It’s important to actually have it done 2-3 times before accessing the full effect of Bowen.” 

Neck Tightness and Headaches

“I was suffering from chronic neck tightness, aching and headaches for approximately three months. I took aspirin, stretching and using a heat pack to alleviate the pain.

A friend of my wife’s , Emily Deneault, explained the Bowen method technique,  and I was instantly interested. I did some research on it and decided to give it a try. I walked into one of Emily’s monthly Bowen clinics.  The “touch therapy” techniques impressed me because of their minimal and gentle nature.

After we finished, I felt extremely relaxed and a little tired for the rest of the day. However, I felt immediate relief after just one visit with Emily. Followed up with two visits and six months later, I haven’t had an episode of neck pain.” 


“I have suffered from chronic back pain as well as fibromyalgia for many years. In the past, my doctors have prescribed medications for pain, cortisone shots and Neurontin.  In desperation,  I also saw a chiropractor a couple of times a week. Then I found out about to Bowen Therapy.  The results have been spectacular.

The pain I once struggled with no longer exists and my posture improved after only a few sessions.  I now walk without the numbness I once felt in my feet.  And I have more feeling in my hands as well. Finally I want to express my sincere gratitude to Emily for making such a positive difference in my life…. thank you so much.”

Pinched Neck

“My left hand tingled.  The doctor said I pinched something in my neck and medications would help.  I didn’t like the medicines because of their side effects.  They would make me drowsy. 

I saw Emily for a few  Bowen sessions and within a few weeks the tingle went away.  It is a bit weird since she doesn’t seem to do much – but the result was unbelievable.  She really knows what she is doing.”