Meet Your Bowen Practitioner

Since the establishment of her practice in 2019, Emily Deneault has assisted numerous individuals in overcoming their physical pain and discomfort. When individuals experience significant healing, they are inclined to share their positive experiences and often recommend TheBowen Method to others. Through each referral and new client, Emily is successfully fulfilling her primary goal of helping people. The number of people seeking treatment at her clinic continues to grow each month at an accelerated pace, prompting Emily to now teach a Marketing course for the American Bowen Academy, enabling others to achieve similar success.

Emily holds the highest credentials as a certified practitioner of the American Bowen Academy and continues to learn and grow within the profession. Throughout her journey, she has received guidance from her mentor, a naturopathic physician with over 30 years of experience. Additionally, Emily is certified as a Corrective Exercise Specialist and a Fascial Fitness Trainer. Utilizing this training, she frequently provides clients with stretches and exercises aimed at addressing and altering their dysfunctional postural patterns which helps to hold the improvements achieved during the session.

Being a longtime advocate of alternative approaches to medicine and healthcare, Emily remains committed to continuously studying, learning, and advancing in her career.

Emily graduated from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth with a Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science.  She has worked as an EMT, a lead laboratory technician in various hospital settings, and a Professor at UMASS Dartmouth.  She lives in the Southeast MA area with her husband, three teenage boys, and their dog Tucker.  When not working or enjoying being with her family. Emily likes running, reading, and tending to her saltwater reef tank. Emily is genuinely committed to helping, healing, and teaching.